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Accept Cough
Current Residence: Togo man
Favourite genre of music: Electrosmash, Drum and Baroque
Favourite photographer: Phtographers only can hold cameras
Favourite style of art: Eyeballs
Operating System: no
MP3 player of choice: hahaha rabbits.
Shell of choice: lamp
Wallpaper of choice: I dunno it depends if its a computer or room or something... like maybe horses and half naked 17 yea
Skin of choice: the Bodily Function
Favourite cartoon character: Alex
Personal Quote: "Life is like turtle piss, you can't find it in the water but it's all around you&quo
I've been taking the time to rethink and resuppose my own strategy for all of this that I'm creating. Basically in a nutshell I'm a lazy person that's far too consumed by his own laziness to even try to begin to think about something to do other than being lazy. When I procrastinate I do horribly wonderful things although there are times when I delve into the very procrasination that keeps me from creatively slacking off. But then we all go through holes in our lives... they're like speedbumps that tell us "hey, why don't you get off your ass and do another thing rather than being ambiguous" so, I've decided nothing. But, I know deep inside my mind of minds that I'm working towards something so great that I can't even think about it. So here's some art. Let's delve into the visual music and I suppose also the auditory and worditory scope scape that vasts the entire plane of the randomly beau.

Just to point out, these are awfully out of order and so my mind will be all over the place. Just have to soak it up with a metaphoric sponge and then use it to clean your kitchen out of all the dishes in the sink. The sink pours water all over the metal and turns it a funny rust that makes things seem a lot different than before. Although human beings can't replace their own personal sink, they can apply some sort of detergent that helps cleanse itself of any malicious residue that might appear from lack of being there. So, with the intent of being consistent (and you know just by saying things out loud it doesn't happen until you've done it) I've decided again to do nothing. But I hope that something will form out of nothing cause I totally turned this into an empty dish and you're filling it up with yummy strawberry oatmeal (fortified with the most delicious vitamins you can sink of) where was I? Oh yeah, you can eat it if you'd like. You probably want to eat it something fierce. So lets play with some words in the following paragraph.

There's a caterpillar. She's hungry but he's hanging off a mighty tree branch that doesn't give way so she has to crawl up towards the leaf in order to chomp off a bite and nourish herself clean. If you know anything about the nature of leaves it is that they grow in patterns sort of like the film on dish soap. One day I would like to take a picture of that and hang it up on my wall... perhaps a movie but that's a different kind of film; while it may capture the prismatic beauty of filmy soap, caterpillars can't eat it without seriously rending away their digestive system. And that's the problem with chemicals in food.

I ate a bagel and it was made of metal and it blew up inside of me. It turns out this metal was from another planet and that planet blew up inside as well. It formed the asteriods that circle the earth and occationally crash through the surface, playing with life and fortitudious sounds. Probably the loudest you think of. I sort of wonder how loud a noise you can come up with in your head. I've tried shouting at myself but it sounds like nothing. So lets put on our imagination hats and think of the loudest thing ever. There's a worm and he's suffering from indigestion. He ate too much poop or whatever worms eat and he must do it himself. Because of this overabundace, his heart rate has increased causing his five tiny hearts to beat in random syncopation. Now imagine this worm is the size of our solar system and he's floating in space. You are lying on top of the worm and listen to his heart with your ear pressed against the skin. Right now this sounds like nothing so lets add some oxygen. This seriously messes up the gravity of the celestial bodies around it so you have random planets crashing into each other and stars going into critical mass. As a planet approaches, the worm it eats it up with a gratifying chomping sound and for each planet it consumes it grows larger (by almost the size of that eaten planet). Now think of millions of planets being eaten over the span of a thousand years time. The gravity of this worm is also increasing and that causes solar systems around him to spin out of control and interfere with other solarsystems. You are still lying on the worm and its heartbeats are rupturing your mind and you find it almost unbareable except for the fact that you are hypothetically invulnerable and your brain is mutating to encompass only sound. You become a giant ear that perceives only vibration and as the ones around you become more intense your brain evolves to be able to hear it. Eventually the worm spins around causing all the solar systems to follow in a ferverous whirlwind, drawing themselves to the very core of the worm at once. The Earthworm curls into himself and opens his magnificent jaws and in a gasping breath of air attemps to consume all that is around him (except for you). At once a galaxy of stars and planets collide in synchronous harmony inside of the worm's stomach and you hear it. It's probably the loudest thing you've ever heard before.

I don't believe in a cruel god. I think that bad things happen to people because there are bad things out there to happen. I don't believe that it has anything to do with whether you're a bad person or whether its a test or if you have to go to the bathroom at an akward time or something happened to your grandmother and so people are out to collect some mail that belongs to them but it was sent to the wrong address. I don't think God is comprehendable by any means. In fact our own existence which is an extremely small particle of an iota of the entire reality is barely comprehendable. But then is there any point in thinking about such things? That's a question not an answer. So bad things happen to people because they grow older and as a result the bad things decided to come to them and say hey, I knew you from a while back and im just coming to haunt you and see how you deal with this trouble. And then they blame it on god or someone above them or even themselves. And that's not cool. You can't blame anything for bad stuff happening (unless you do it yourself), it just does (happen). Nor is it a good argument against God because you can't comprehend God. You can only comprehend what's happening to you, barely.

Let's see what else do I feel is relevant to spew out? I wanted to talk a little about the piece that I made. It's called Innocence and I did not come up with the title but I had a little inspiration from having sex with a virgin. Her name was the Virgin Mary and she gave birth to Jesus. I think either way she bled a little bit and I'm sure it hurt but that has nothing to do with why she was called a virgin. It had something to do with chakras. Chaka Chaka. I bet at one point while Jesus was a child he spun around as fast as he could to cause everything to spin and I'm sure he laughed quite a bit. I think when Jesus was a child he had a favorite candy and to him it was the best thing ever until he ate a little too much and decided that it wasn't as good as he initially thought so he moved on to different kinds of candy. I don't know whether he had a sweet tooth or how he even went about brushing his teeth (with a twig maybe?) when was the toothbrush invented anyways? could someone look this up and tell me? I'm extremely curious. What else did Jesus do? Oh yah he SAVED YOU REPENT AND THROW YOURSELF AT THE MERCY OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST CAUSE HE DIED FOR YOU and let me explain this in the best of my knowledge. I believe that J.C. came to earth to understand the plight of man (as a form of the creator essence) first hand. Eventually shit hit the fan and he could no longer enjoy his favorite candy so he learned about Buddhism from some dude named Lopez and he though: oh this is cool. But then Jesus was never really about religion, he was more about being a human being.

New question: did jesus ever wear pants? Did you read the parable about the broken leaf? It had some holes in it from the recent devouring of caterpillars and one day Jesus picked it up to whipe himself but then realized that there was a bug on it. He asked the bug: why do you sit on this leaf? Aren't you better off in a tree with many leaves? the bug replied "It fell while I was eating it and I had no way to jump back onto the tree". So, Jesus put him back next to the root where he crawled back up and had a fulfilling life, meanwhile Jesus finished his business and probably had a good breakfast afterwards.

I've not much else to say so I'm gonna write some poems:

There was a cat
It ate so much
And you never
Ever saw something
So radical
Than this large animal
Eating it's lunch
And becoming fat.

There was a goose
That didn't have a name
Because this was before words ever existed to denote the type of bird this was (can anybody confirm this?)
The goose played a game
It was a variation of soccer
And the ball was made of twigs
That eventually broke loose.

let's see one more...

Sowing a touching seed
Venerating unwashing skin
Clamoring for water pouring
Dishing out takes to pent
It releases its magnificence,
Flourishing before your mind
Spinning webs of intricate delusion
Mowing a lawn greater than your soul
Gardening it in heathless night
Sprouting out waves of intense laughter
In the form of conical efflorescence
Barking up a thought
Roots tied in a knot
Drinking the waves like water as it's spine
Shoots out imaginative greenery
And tiny seedlings
That fall and start the whole process all over again.

I'm sure cold hands are a huge problem in the United States. Especially when the weather is a little chillier than most of the season. That's why gloves are a beautiful thing to wear but that's also why it's nice to have somebody's tummy to hold onto to warm them up. Sure it's a little discomforting at first but it's always nice to have someone hold your belly in trust.

I wait for a sad moment to hold you forward to look at this world in a light form. It's the sad moments that give birth to indescribable happiness and connetion; pain is the answer to many of the problems in life and its also the question. As a survial mechanism it sure brings people closer together as it also happens to separate (I suppose its how you decide to hold your pain). I hold you forward to look up at the sky. Starstruck and aweless from everything you've seen coming back from your mind as memories barely forgotten, ensuring that your striving holds for the newer experience in life. And there's a tree whom has many fruits to pick.

P.S. Thanks for reading. By adding thirty one more words I've ensured my quota thus satisfying the part of my mind that nags me to do just this; just count the words in this sentence.


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